Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tink - Million(Video)

Mannnnnn I can't wait for her album to drop after seeing her freshmen freestyle and killing everyone in the freshmen cypher. Anyway we get the new video for her hit single Million. Congrats to Tink for her success. 

Zaid Tabani f/Madeline Rae - Flaws(Video)

Yeah I'm overly impressed at the live instruments used for this track as well as his own personal struggle with love and affection. He got personal on this and Miss Madeline Rae did an amazing job on the vocals. I enjoyed listening to this track. Great Job. 

Ben James - Riding High(Video)

This little fella exudes a lot of energy when he raps you can tell by how much energy he showcased just rapping in the video. I bet his live shows will be crazy once he gets to that level. 

Monty Cold - ITO(Video)

Yeah this a cool laid back track from Monty Cold who's making his debut. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

XXL Freshmen Cypher: Kidd Kidd,K Camp, Tink& Raury(Video)

Here is the only cypher that I'll watch because it features our very own Tink. She killed the freshmen freestyle and she does the same here in the cypher. 

The Boy Illinois - Back Down(Video)

July 20th is the day we should be receiving this blessing of music from The Boy Illinois and D Ganiz. Dusable will feature this track which is Back Down and of course it's produced by DGainz. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Asia Monique - Looking Glass(EP)

Okay so this came out a little bit ago but I missed it. I'm sorry because she is a talented artist who should have her talents displayed. Anytime you get someone who can actually sing minus any voice enhancements you should be pushed to the forefront in my opinion. That's why I value artist such as Asia,Eryn Allen Kane, Sharell and many others because their talents are very rare these days. I've heard Asia on songs with Add-2 and The Boy Illinois and now she's on her own and holds it down with her new EP. The standout tracks to me where Herion, Bitter(Over It), and Queen. On Queen she really shows the ranges and voice control she possess it's a slow song but it's enjoyable to listen to.
Check it out below in its entirety.